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Posted By: Melinda Brunson
Status: Current
Date Posted: Wed, Mar 18 2020
On behalf of our ACJC, Trayce Elenteny:
Good afternoon, all.

I have received several emails/texts/messages about when or how to cancel AC&C hotel rooms at the Double Tree hotel. I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner but I was waiting to receive confirmation from the hotel.

ALL rooms that were individually booked in the Area 6 AC&C block will be cancelled as of early tomorrow afternoon. You will receive a cancellation confirmation via email.

If for any reason you do not want to cancel your room, you must let me know before noon tomorrow (Thursday, March 19). Otherwise, all rooms will be cancelled by the hotel due to our event being cancelled by the IBOD. If you booked your room outside the Area 6 block, please make sure you cancel your own room.

Also, no checks have been deposited for AEP's. They will be shredded rather than sending them all back. If you are uncomfortable with your check being shredded and would prefer it be returned, please notify the registrar at:

If you have already made AC&C related purchases that cannot be returned, please contact the area director, Gaye LaCasce at:
and copy the area treasurer, Mary Ann Cantwell at:

Finally, if you received one of the quartet or chorus awards last year, I will be contacting you about picking them up from you. Things are still being worked out for the virtual qualification process, but I want to make sure I have them all so I'm ready for whatever the plan might be. Thanks for your cooperation. Kristin Gunasekera will collect all awards in the possession of the Florida choruses and quartets and I will collect all awards currently in Georgia.

If you have any questions, please let me know. We're still working through a lot of details but will try to keep you informed as issues are decided. 

I know there are several on this email who did not book rooms and were not planning to attend AC&C this year. However, I'm sending the information to everyone so no one is missed. Please disregard if you're not affected.

Thank you.
Trayce Elenteny

Area 6 ACJC